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Why you need to read Rise Of The Reaper by Lorna Reid + GIVEAWAY!

27315168Publisher: Ravensforge Books
Release Date: November 20th 2015
Source: From the Author!
Purchase: Book Depository | Amazon
Read it in: 6 hours
Word Rating: TERRIFIC

Can you change fate? What would you risk in order to save the ones you love? Lovers of dark adventure, magic, and following your heart should not let this book slip away.

Can prophecy be overcome, or does striving to avoid fate merely drive you into its arms? Since the day Danny Stone's mother vanished, dreams of dark and strange places have plagued him nightly. Though years have passed, the burning pain of her disappearance still consumes him - as does his need for answers. Then one lazy summer day, Danny and his friends Katrina, Poppy, and Russell discover their parents' long-hidden secret - and their lives change forever.

They enter a fragmented, broken world of magic, blades, and blood in a quest for answers, but the mystery of what happened to Danny's mother only becomes more terrifying - and yet there is hope. But there are other, bigger threats at hand, too, as evil begins to stir and the Oracle's prophesies herald a coming darkness.

It seems that Danny's dreams were only the beginning...

Rise of the Reaper is the first book in an exciting new YA fantasy series by British author Lorna Reid. A perilous quest, filled with magic, blades, and blood. This adventure will make your pulse quicken, even as the shadows begin to stir.


I was thrown right into the story which was confusing at first but after a chapter or so I got used to the pacing of the novel and really began to enjoy myself! It's definitely one of those books that once you start reading you can't stop because the story is so addictive!

It wasn't similar to HARRY POTTER but RISE OF THE REAPER had that same comforting feeling that I always feel surrounded by when I read HARRY POTTER. I think it was due to the amazing depth of the world building and the cast of characters that all had such original and deep personalities that made me feel that way, but whatever it was, I loved it!

The world created in here is more wonderful then I can put into words! I get so tired of reading about fantasy worlds that all sort of merge into one another but it was such a delight reading RISE OF THE REAPER and immersing myself in such a unique fantasy world that I've NEVER read anything like it before!

 I LOVED how the swearing was used! It was executed SO well as it was used when it was needed or to get a point across but not SO much that it was unnecessary. LOVED IT I TELL YOU. <3

I CAN NOT PUT INTO WORDS HOW MUCH I ADORED THE SPORT, AQUATTROX! It's really hard to explain it but basically it's got animals that are kind of like a more brutal version of dolphins, it's played in the water and it is SAVAGE. I loved it!

RISE OF THE REAPER is self-published but it's been edited so well not only story wise but flow wise. It's so professional how it reads and to get it to this polished level takes an enormous effect that you can see Lorna really put into it!

THE COVER IS SO BEAUTIFUL. Yup, that is totally a reason to read this book! I mean, JUST LOOK AT IT. I want it on my wall.

::A very special thanks to the author, Lorna for not only sending me a copy of her wondrous book but also sending mean amazing bag full of swag as well, a picture of what she sent me below!::


I'm giving away 2 ebook copies of RISE OF THE REAPER to 2 winners! ENTER BELOW!

- You must be over 13 years of age or have parental permission to enter
- this giveaway is open to anyone that has a device that accepts amazon kindle ebooks

Tell me! What was the last book that surprised you in a good way?!


  1. This sounds great! I've added it to my TBR ;)

    I was really impressed by Broken Crown by Amryn Cross recently. The plot was based on an element I didn't expect and I loved it!

    Lauren @ SERIESous Book Reviews #Commenting365

  2. this book looks so interesting! definitely adding it to my tbr!

  3. Ooh wow this sounds really good! *_*

  4. I'm so glad you enjoyed this book! I've never read it before, but now I'm really getting my fingers crossed for this giveaway. I wasn't a huge fan of Harry Potter, but I do love well-executed fantasy, and the cover for this book is SO BEAUTIFUL. A book I read and loved recently was Confess by Colleen Hoover!

    Denise | The Bibliolater


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