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The Anti-Cool Girl by Rosie Waterland :: profound, poetic and freaking hilarious

Publisher: Harper Collins
Release Date: 1st September 2015
Source: From the publisher
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Word Rating: WONDERFUL
Rosie Waterland has never been cool. Growing up in a housing commission, Rosie was cursed with a near-perfect, beautiful older sister who dressed like Mariah Carey on a Best & Less budget while Rosie was still struggling with various toilet mishaps. She soon realised that she was the Doug Pitt to her sister's Brad, and that cool was not going to be her currency in this life.

But that was only one of the problems Rosie faced. With two addicts for parents, she grew up amidst rehab stays, AA meetings, overdoses, narrow escapes from drug dealers and a merry-go-round of dodgy boyfriends in her mother's life. Rosie watched as her dad passed out/was arrested/vomited, and had to talk her mum out of killing herself.

As an adult, trying to come to grips with her less than conventional childhood, Rosie navigated her way through eating disorders, nude acting roles, mental health issues and awkward Tinder dates. Then she had an epiphany: to stop pretending to be who she wasn't and embrace her true self - a girl who loved drinking wine in her underpants on Sunday nights - and become an Anti-Cool Girl.

An irrepressible, blackly comic memoir, Rosie Waterland's story is a clarion call for Anti-Cool Girls everywhere.


THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. Laugh out loud funny, especially in the beginning which was more lighter and not as dark as some of the rest of the book. And I mean LAUGH, laugh out loud which involves shrieks, teary giggles and really unflattering pig snorts that are just guaranteed to make you look insane to all the people around you!

Rosie had absolutely no problem showing her bad sides, her embarrassing sides and was completely able to poke fun at herself, which I not only admired but found really refreshing. Often in memoirs, people only show the best of themselves and if they do include details about themselves that are unsavoury, they blame them on other people and I HATE that! So I not only enjoyed reading about ALL of Rosie, but respected her for putting herself out there.

Have to be honest: I didn't enjoy Rosie as an adult stories as much as Rosie's childhood and teenhood tales. Maybe because I'm in that lower age gap but I think also Rosie had that childhood naivety which added to the humour to the whole story but which she seemed to lose when she hit her twenties.

It was REALLY heart wrenching. As this is a memoir, not a work of fiction, it's hard to push away that everything in the book actually happened and it made Rosie's stories even more poignant . Yes, it was hilarious, but it was also heart breaking in others with some of the things poor Rosie went through.

Highly recommended. A truly excellent memoir that I will definitely pick up again in the future. This book will stay on my mind for quite awhile.

::Thank You Harper for the review copy!::
What do you think of memoirs??!! Like them, hate them, avoid them....? WHAT?!


  1. I don't read many memoirs to be completely honest, but it sounds like I'll have to make an exception for this one because it sounds incredible. Thanks for putting this under my radar Ella and, as always, fabulous review! ♥

    1. It was really good, Zoe! :) I wasn't expecting it to be so good so it was a really nice surprise!

      Thank you! <3

  2. I’ve heard of this (a feat, for sure), but didn’t feel like it would be something I was going to read. I do tend to surprise myself, all the time, and utterly fall for memoirs, though! They can be so utterly fantastic and beautiful, and they actually end up being my all time favourites. But I’m not *drawn* to them, as such. I just end up reading and loving them, but I don’t really seek them out, as such (as such again? That’s my new word, ‘pparently). I’m glad this ended up being pretty great for you! I don’t think it’s surprising that not all the parts were enjoyable, or as enjoyable, as others. It happens. Mostly, for me, in short story collections or anthologies, but it makes sense that it might in a book that covers childhood, youthhood and adulthood.
    Nice review. xx

    1. I am so NOT a memoir person which is why I was so surprised when I loved this one so much!

  3. Is it an autobiography? :)


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