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Adrift by Paul Griffin :: a book cleverly outlining why i don't like the ocean (also: fish gifs)

23743718Publisher: Text Publishing
Release Date: July 28th 2015
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Five of us went out on the water that night.
None of us came back whole, and not all of us came back.

Best friends Matt and John are spending the summer working. Matt to save money for college, John to kill time before trade school. On the beach, the beautiful Driana stops Matt in his tracks. Dri, Stef and JoJo invite the boys to a party at Dri's Hamptons mansion, and Matt drags John along.

When Stef decides it’s a beautiful night to go windsurfing, the others race out on the water to make sure she’s safe. But with no land in sight and a broken boat engine, it’s not just Stef they have to worry about. And as the hours turn into days, the prospect of rescue seems further and further away...


Can I just say what a WONDERFUL surprise this was? This book was truly, truly good. I had my doubts at the beginning but once we were a wee way on it started to get oh, so much better.

Sooo basically this book is about five teens not making the best decision they'll make in their lives and then getting stuck out at sea in a broken boat and no provisions WITH NO LAND IN SIGHT. Can I just say right now, THIS IS MY WORST NIGHTMARE COME TRUE. I don't really like water that much. I'm a good swimmer because my parents dragged me to swimming lessons from a young age but I don't like swimming. It's wet, it's cold, and just yucky. I dislike swimming pools but dislike oceans even more basically because oceans have more scary things in them then chlorine like sharks, evil fish, sharks, jellyfish, sharks, other scary things, and sharks. And more dastardly evil fish. SO BASICALLY, what I'm trying to say that being stranded on a broken boat in the middle of nowhere makes me want to go live in a desert right this second. BUT LETS MOVE ON.

The first few chapters I found really hard to connect too. The sentences were choppy and awkward and I was starting to zone out slightly but THEN it started getting really good.

The writing was really, really gripping. This only took me a couple of hours to get through and I didn't want to leave the sofa at all while reading it! My Mum kept calling for me to do the dishwasher and I was just like: *eyes not leaving page* "I'll be there in a minute!"*ten minutes later Mum calls again* "I'll be there in a minute!" *tells self I will just finish this chapter...*

Let's talk characters! We have Matt our main character who was, unfortunately a bit of a stiff fish. He was slightly boring and ever so slightly whiny. And also had a deep mistrust of John, that I felt was unfair because John was his best friend and is basically THE person making sure he doesn't die...but at the same time I kind of mistrusted John myself because he was ever so slightly psychotic...BUT STILL. John is his best friend and Matt didn't treat him in the most best friendish way at times.

John? I LIKED JOHN. Although not enough to be a stuck on a raft with him for very long, that's for sure (haha, really, NO). John reminded me of a shark with a sore fin stuffed behind this very calm, very scary mask and although it was fascinating to read you had to admit he wasn't the sanest banana in the bunch.
 I honestly had no idea how I felt about Dri. Almost indifferent, I guess? I think I wanted more about John and Matt's relationship which would've been SO much more interesting but instead we got Dri who I didn't mind....BUT I WANTED MORE JOHN.
Stef and JoJo? Considering it was Stef's stupidity that they were all out there stranded and dying, I didn't have much sympathy for her. And when she died I had even less for her. Harsh? Maybe, but I felt she almost got off easy compared to what the others had to go through after she died. JoJo was excellent in the beginning but when he, uh, started to lose his mind just that little bit, he got FREEEEAKY. And then he died, so yeah... Even freakier then John!
Me towards Stef.

I wasn't the happiest person of ever over the ending. It ended well...but not well at the same time. It was good...but I wanted more!
Tellllll me! How do you feel about the ocean?! How long do you think YOU could survive on a broken boat with no provisions and with a bunch of slowly going crazy teenagers??!! (I would totally get murdered in my sleep and either get eaten or used as bait. Definitely.)


  1. This sounds quite a bit like the life of Pi. Personally, I love the ocean... swimming wakeboarding beaches beauty... I can cope with cold water quite well, which probably helps. Anyway, thanks for the review, Ella :)

    1. I never finished The Life of Pi! I found it really boring so DNF'd it. >.>
      AHAHAHAHA NO. I'll stick to hot water thanks. ;')

  2. THE GURRRL GIF CRACKED ME UP OH MY GOD. This review is wondrousss. And can I just say, I HATE THE OCEAN TOO. It's scary and full of weird things. Like big, scary fish. And probably dinosaurs and clowns. *shudder* I don't know if the characters are going to be amazing but I'm really interested in this book for some reason. Now let me just get out of this reading slump..

    1. THANK YOU NABEN THANK YOU! *horrified gasp* DINOSAURS??!! NOOOO DON'T SAY THAT!! I am legit NEVER going into the ocean again. -_-

      I was actually in a reading slump when reading ADRIFT but it kicked me right out of so maybe you'd have the same luck??!! :))))

  3. This sounds absolutely amazing Ella! I absolutely love thrillers / survival stories and this sounds like it is top notch in that department. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one and, as always, fabulous review! ♥

    1. It's SOOOOOO good, Zoe!! I think you'd really enjoy it! Survival stories are the best even though if I was actually IN a situation like that I'd be the first to get eaten. Heh. >_<

  4. UM, YEAH, NO. I really don't like swimming....or eating fish....I like walking on the beach though, so THAT's a positive. XD But eeeek, I hate getting sandy + wet. BUT I DIGRESS. XD YEssss this was such an awesome epic book! I kind of didn't like the style, but the actual story just glued me to the page. I needed to know who'd survive. I kinda liked John though! TOTALLY A WOUNDED SHARK THO. I think he was freaky, but gah, Matt was a bit of a blob sometimes. Stef? Totally agree with your thoughts on Stef. xD

    1. EW. SAND AND WATER DO NOT MIX AT ALL. Walks on beaches are nice though as long as the temperature isn't a billion degrees. :')

      John = cool. Matt = not.

  5. HAHAH THERE IS LITERALLY NO WAY I'D SURVIVE MORE THAN TEN MINUTES. I am sucky at swimming, and like Cait there, I don't eating fish. At all. Which is ironic, considering I'm Greek. (I'm supposed to like seafood, right??) I'm so curious about this one! I've seen a couple of reviews floating around lately, and I'm definitely eager to give it a chance when I can. I tend to like adventurer/survival novels, so this one might just be my thing. :)

    1. TEN??! I WOULDN'T SURVIVE ONE. Everyone would panic and be like LET'S EAT ELLA. Sooo, NO.

      Fish is gross. :'(

  6. LOVE THIS REVIEW!!!! And that is my nightmare situation to. I LOVE swimming. But in a pool. Even then I get scared that a shark would somehow still manage to end up in there and eat me. I don't like oceans, lakes, rivers or any other body of water I can't see the bottom of and could contain evil creatures capable of killing me. Getting stuck on a boat.... I literally shiver with fear just thinking about it. GAAAAAH!

    This book sounds good though, although reading it would feel a little torturous too! I will definitely try to track a copy down.

    1. Swimming in a pool is alright...but I think NO SWIMMING is the best swimming! ;')


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