Monday, 1 June 2015

Farewell May, Hellooo June {birthdays, killer axe books, and sparkly new ideas}

Here in Middle Earth, it is now WINTER. GONE is heat, sun and melting popsicles, NOW, chills, evil horrible cold mornings...and BIRTHDAYS!


+ I had my birthday! I turned sixteen and am now waiting around for a) a sparkly vampire/glowering werewolf/fae prince/angel/demon/the boy next door to fall creepily in love with me  while I b) save the world from massive destruction with c) my magical powers of some sorts that I will miraculously discover I have. How do I know this will happen?! I READ YA FOLKS AND THIS IS WHAT ALLLLWAYS HAPPENS WHEN A GAL TURNS SIXTEEN. #Fact.

+ I HAD MY FIRST DRIVING LESSON!! Seeing as I didn't kill or maim  anyone, including myself and my poor dad AND I didn't break the car I consider it a success. *high fives self* I am now struggling to read through The Road Code, which is about as much fun as pulling my fingernails out.

+ I saw Pitch Perfect 2. Colour me disappointed and slightly horrified. After realllllly enjoying the first movie, the first movie actually kind of shocked me in how baaaaaaad it was. *sighs*

+ I began doing more photography! Not much, but its a start. I seem to get inspiration around 10:30pm at night when I should really be asleep...

+ I started brainstorming new ideas for the blog! THIS IS EXCITING.

+ I started brainstorming/plotting ideas for an Alice in Wonderland retelling and I am SO excited about it!!!!!!!! *flails quietly in the corner*

+ I continued plotting my Snow White Retelling and so well it's going good!!

+ I have concluded that I'm in the biggest I-can't-be-bothered-leave-me-alone-I'm-pissed-off with-all-things-slightly-wordy reading slump. It's really horrible and I either feel like killing all books on sight or bursting out in tears and wailing hysterically at the sight of my massive TBR pile. Montgomery the Kindle is slowly dying with all the unread e-arcs on him and takes every opportunity to remind me of it, and my 20something library book stack is plotting to kill me in my sleep. If that isn't bookworm problems right there, I don't know WHAT is.

+ Even through my depressed bookish slump state, I still managed to dig myself a deeper hole and go on a massive binge-requesting EVERYTHING on Netgalley. I am ashamed but at the same time slightly in aware with myself that I managed to request so many titles. Of course I now have to REVIEW all those titles so I'm secretly dying.


+ I actually managed to write a review without a single gif in it! And the book was ACOTAR! Applaud me please!

+ I posted a dramatic letter to WILD AWAKE that I wrote in May last year. Also comes under Humiliating One's Self On The Internet, but HEY you guys liked it, that's alight. ;')


+ I want to get back in control of my review pile as I need to spend some quality time with alllll my library books so you can probably expect a flux of mini reviews!

+ I've been thinking this over for a while but would you people like to hear about my writing?! I'm thinking of writing up a post featuring all my WIPS and Ideas For Future Books, so would you be interested?!

+ Some tags! The Disney Book Tag and some other tag I can't remember!



  1. OH HEY ELLA.I'm sorry you're in the worst book slump. I was sick for, like, three weeks and that made my reading a horrid mess of I can't even be bothered, but I'm back on track now and hoping to finish a book tonight. Which isn't going to happen because I have Pride and Prejudice ahead of me and nothing (well, little) beats Colin Firth's Pride and Prejudice.

    Looking forward to you a. posting more and b. doing the disney tag! xx

    1. RECOMMEND ME SOME BOOKS YOU LOVE ROMI. You are the QUEEN of good book recommendations!

      EEEEK, I really really, reallllllllly want to watch Pride and Prejudice!! I just need to read the book first, haha ;')

      MWHAHAHHAHAHA the disney tag is going to be FUN!! xx

  2. Heyo Ella! It sucks that you're in a bit of slump, hopefully you can get out of it soon and if you ever need any sort of motivation, I'm sure I can come up with a chant or two to keep you going :) Also, I would LOOVVVEEE to hear about your WIPs!! And if you ever need a beta reader, maybe we could swap work... Well, one day when I have managed to actually get past a first draft and everything doesn't completely suck, but I'd always love to help you out with everything :) I won't be here in June, but the second I get back I will be stalking your blog and I hope to see lotttsss of stufff!!!

    1. Lara, you will be the FIRST person I throw my WIP(s) at when I'm finished!! :D Ohh, and I can't WAIT for the day when I can read your work!!! :))))) IT'LL BE SO MUCH FUN!


  3. Oh, that's really sad for your reading slump. Yay for turning sixteen though, and learning to drive. I think I might do some driving lessons next time I'm in New Zealand! I'm currently writing too, and i would love to hear about your WIP. binge requesting everything was maybe a bad idea... Arcs kind of terrify me (which is why I *don't reall* have any) I'm inglorious summer. Sorry not sorry

    1. *glares reproachfully from under pile of blankets* I AM JEALOUS. <.<

      I knooooow! The arcs are going to quietly kill me in my sleep! *cowers*

  4. Happy June! Reading slumps are blech but you'll find your way out, don't worry.

    Question: what didn't you like about PP2? It definitely wasn't as good as the first one and I did not appreciate the immigrant humour ... but I loved Amy/Bumper, and the sisterhood elements. Thoughts?

    1. I didn't like the immigrant humour either, Emily, but I also didn't like how they used Cynthia Rose the lesbian character for nothing much more then poor lesbian jokes. I also thought there were to many plot lines and they were quite weak, and I absolutely DESPISED that John character that was so inappropriately sexist it wasn't funny in the slightest. I liked the Amy/Bumper bit, but wasn't completely sold. ALSO THERE WERE NO ADORABLE JESSE AND BEKA MOMENTS!!! Oh, and I disliked Emily.

      That pretty much sums up my thoughts! :)

  5. Awww such a shame you didn't enjoy Pitch Perfect 2! It looked really good. Happy belated birthday, hope you had a fantastic one! Reading slumps definitely are horrible, but it just takes one fantastic book to get you out of it.

  6. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! Here's a cupcake. All cute and sparkly and sixteen candles! Sadly, I'm still waiting for a faery to fall in love with me. Erm... going on 18. Heh. And I still don't know how to drive yet. Probably because my mom thinks I'm going to drive into a tree. Oops.

    Sorry you're in a book slump, though both of us are in reading holes - I'm frantically catching up on ARCs that are being published soon... VERY soon...

    Though I did spend my time plotting how to annoy you, Rundus, and Lupe throughout the summer (particularly Rundus, who still owes stuff. LOTS of stuff.) before senior year. Consider me feeling a bit evil. :D

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELLA! (I know this is late, but whatever :) I hope you had an amazing day and enjoy being 16! I agree with you about Pitch Perfect 2- it was super disappointing. The music was good, but everything else was just blah. Plus, there were waaaay too many sexist jokes. A single sexist joke is one too many, in my opinion.
    And I totally feel your pain, I am in a reading slump as well. I recently got a bunch of books, but have barely been doing any reading. Sadness :( Anyways, hopefully you find a wonderful book to get you out of your slump!
    ~Haley @ My Addiction: Books

  8. Oh Ella. I'm still waiting for my Hogwarts letter/saytr to take me to Camp Half-Blood. I've been waiting for YEARS


    Happy birthday also!! *does happy birthdayish dance for you and smushes cake in your hair* OHHHHH YOU ARE 16. WATCH OUT VAMPIRES, HERE COMES ELLA, YOUR NEXT SNACK. Mwhahaa. ;-) Oh, don't forget you'll find your OTP this year. *nods* True love always pops into your life at 16, apparently. XDXD

    Good luck tackling your TBR, too, btw!! I've stopped requesting on Netgalley AND the library and aghhhhh I still have too many books atm, and it's slightly scaring me. XD

    1. *ears perk up at the word 'OTP'* yes, Ella, the shipping must begin!

  10. OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLA <333 And yes I watched Pitch Perfect 2 as well and am pretty disappointed. I was cringing so much and it felt so shallow compared to the first one which I've rewatched numerous of times

  11. Aww Happyy belated birthday Ella! I remember when I was 16, I'm so old compared to most bloggers :D Hope you can get out of your slump soon, I have one myself but it's a blogging slump lol I haven't seen Pitch Perfect 2, but I loved the first one! <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections


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