Monday, 25 August 2014

Where Did Ella Go? || Also, She gets the Sunshine Award

Sooooooooo, what do I say, mmmm?  I basically disappeared off the face of the blogging world and you haven't heard a whisper from me in weeks! >.<

The problem is, is that I haven't really felt like blogging and I've been a bit stressed out with life and such.  I'm also feeling a bit muddled with what and where I want to go with Once Upon a Bookish Time.  Any ideas, frabjous Wonderlings??!!  Leave suggestions in the comments!

Another bit of bother is that I'm actually going into hospital tomorrow for an operation.  Nothing really serious, just to have my tonsils out, but it sounds like I'm going to feel absolutely foul afterwards and as I have quite unusually large tonsils it looks like it's going to be really painful >:/  But don't worry, I plan to rewatch all 3 seasons of Downton Abbey before Season 4 comes out in a few months, all 3 seasons of Miranda because I haven't watched her for yonks, and Miranda Hart is medicinal when you're unwell (Romi agrees with me on this) so I've got quite a bit to take my mind of the pain (although, supposedly, I'm going to be off my face on pain meds).

But I thought I'd give you all a heads up that I won't be on the internet or the blogging world for the next few weeks at least.

Anyway!  I got tagged by one of my favourite bloggers (who I've sadly and embarrassedly neglected the last few months; I'M SORRY SKYLAR.) Skylar!  Skylar tagged me for the Sunshine Award!!  THANK YOU TIMES GOOGLE PLEX, LOVELY!!!!

1. Tell us five facts about yourself.
2. Answer the five questions given. 
3. Write five questions for your nominees to answer.
4. Nominate five bloggers for the award and let them know about it (although this isn't mandatory since there's all kinds of variation here).
5. Thank the person who nominated you!

5 Facts About Me

1. This is slightly pathetic, but I'm EXTREMELY proud of the fact that I have green eyes with a RING OF brownish GOLD AROUND THEM.  OBVIOUSLY I AM A RELATION OF CELAENA SARDOTHIEN.  I know Celaena has blue eyes with a ring of gold round them, not green with gold, BUT WHATEVER.  I'm obviously related to her like...a cousin or something.  STOP LAUGHING.

2. I'm almost 6 foot and I LOVE IT.  You get to squash ignore the smaller annoying people (think my younger siblings) that annoy you.  It's fun.  Try it. ;)

3. I hate horses.  I told you the horrific tale of what a horse did to me at the age of three HERE.

4. Added up, I have over 2000 books in my house. :D

5. I'm one of the biggest Scrooges out there.  I hate spending my lovely money, I hate lending my beautiful money.  I charge Ella-Tax (IT IS TOTALLY A WORD) on every person I lend money too.  If I like you, it'll be less, if I don't, bwahahaha, you owe me big time (*cough* younger brother *cough*).

Skylar's Questions:

1. What colour describes your personality best?  

I took a few colour personality tests because I had NO idea what I'd be, and I got blue in one, pink in another, cyan in the third, so I guess I'm some fabulous mix of all three. ;)

2. Given the choice of swimming in a lake or a pool, which one would you pick?

Depends what KIND of lake.  If it's a clean lake, then yes.  If it's a dirty lake, then NO.  But I don't really like swimming pools as they're normally filthy.  Also, I hate chlorine.

3. Who's your favourite fictional couple?

DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE, YOU CRUEL PERSON.  But, OK, *deep breath* I'll choose my favourite fictional couple FROM THIS YEAR which goes to...*whacks drums enthusiastically* Hayley and Finn from The Impossible Knife of Memory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ARGHH CUTEST COUPLE EVERRRRRRR.  (Although, they did have some jerkish moments in their relationship, I FORGIVE THEM.)

4. If you had the chance to give a foreigner only one American food to convince them it was awesome, what food would you pick? 

I'm a foreigner *grins* So YOU tell ME what's one American food that's awesome.  Hehe, THIS IS FUN XD

5. What is your least favorite part of writing (if you write)?

I write quite a bit of poetry so maybe the editing?  Sometimes editing is really great because it just all comes together frabjously, but normally it sucks and I'm stuck (RHYMED!...somewhat) staring at the godawful first draft. >.<

My Questions:

1. Sweet or Sour?
2. Books or Music?
3. Sleeping or Eating?
4. Comic Books - yay or nay?
5. Art or Crafts?

Sorry for my crappy questions >.<  Brain's not really working at the moment x|

My Nominees

Anyone else that wants to do it!  (Code for I have no idea who to pick.)  Go crazy!  Just leave me a link so I can check your post out! :D

See you in a few weeks, Wonderlings! :D


  1. Don't squash me! O_O That would be bad on a lot of parts, actually.

    Mac and Cheese is always a good pick. No, MCDONALDS.

    I'm also beginning to wonder if your house is made from books. O_O

    1. *squashes you* XD XD XD

      I don't think I've ever had Mac and Cheese before...something must be seriously wrong with me x)

      It is, haha, it is!! :D


    So glad you're back Ella. I completely understand why you took a break - it's always good to know what your limits are and when you just can't blog anymore. It's never good to push yourself too much because that might end up backfiring, you know?

    And I hope your surgery goes well! <3 I had my tonsils taken out when I was younger, so I know what a pain it can be. Definitely make sure to reward yourself with lots of ice cream when you're done! ;) I'll be thinking of you! <3

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

    1. THANK YOU ZOE! ;D

      Haha, that break tuned into almost a month, o.O The times just fliiiiiiiiiiies by at the moment >.< Sorry it took so long to reply! I keep promising myself i will post...something...soon...but it doesn't happen ;) Just got to start scheduling, I suppose :)

      Surgery went well, thanks! It was a very painful 2 weeks and at times I felt a bit a bit like a drug addict the way I was so desperate for the pain meds the whole time ;) BUT I AM BETTER NOW ;) And all is well in Ellaland again ;) I didn't eat AS much ice cream as I would've liked, mostly because I felt sick when I ate it, but popsicles...I ATE ALOT OF THOSE ;D

      Aww, thank you Zoe!! <33 You're so kind :)

  3. Oh no! Ella I hope you feel so much better by now, and I'm sorry you had to have your tonsils removed- hopefully you'll feel all the better for it, though. x
    Enjoy watching Miranda! Surely that must be one of the best things to do when you're under the weather- I'm glad we have an understanding! (:
    Six foot tall! I was always teeny, so I rebuke the fact you want to squash me and ignore any other comment about it. Madeline always gave me courage: you can do things tall people can't when you're short! (Though I think I'm about average/extrodinary now...) Also, your eyes sound pretty incredible. There is possibly magic involved.

    1. I feel normal again!! :) Hehe, I started watching Miranda, but then got distracted by Midsomer Murders and ended up binge watching about a billion series with my Mum ;) I've decided I could be an FRABJOUS detective :P
      *squashes you, squashes you, SQUASHES YOU* Mwhahaha, I enjoy being tall as it's quite helpful when you need to reach that top shelf or in Basketball, but I do occasionally feel like Gulliver among Lilliputs >.<

      Pfft. OF COURSE there's magic involved. I'm so frabjous the air pretty much CRACKLES when I move (although, that might because I'm so clumsy and falling/tripping/sprawling over something or down something is pretty much guaranteed at least once a day *trips over comment*).

  4. Hiiiiiii Ella! I can't find you on twitter. Anyhow, my blogger header is actually a (text) picture I made using photofiltre. I could have used blogger's default fonts since some suited my new layout well, but I decided to do my own header to not match anyone else's. Also, it's ok to let the real ilfe take over your blogging life and not feel like blogging. I had the same problem in August. Eeep! I hope you enjoy rewatching DA! I love rewatching and rereading like no other :) HA!!!!! When you described your eyes, I immediately thought about Celaena btw ;) Adorable! WHOOOOP! So. Many. Books. And also, I don't like horses either. Oops. Sorry not sorry :) They're pretty on pictures, but scary IRL lol. Heh, our fav fictional couples don't match, but mine is Rose Calloway and Connor Cobalt from the Addicted and Calloway Sisters series by Krista and Becca Ritchie :) And a second close is Aria and Perry from Under the Never Sky. Though, ok. Not a second close since all my ships are 2nd lol. OTP is Coballoway though :) Thanks for sharing these fun facts about you :) Enjoy your time off! x

    1. Hi Siiri! :) No, I don't have twitter, sorry! Oh, thanks for telling me that! I'll deffo keep that in mind for the future! :D Thank you! I'm a pretty bad blogger, but I haven't been blogging long and while I enjoy it, Life outside blogging definitely comes first :)
      Watching DA was pretty awesome ;) Unfortunately I refound Midsomer Murders, so didn't move from the couch for pretty much a week XD SORRY NOT SORRY :P
      And I hate horses, urghhh. >.< DON'T BRING THEM NEAR ME, THANKS.
      I have to many ships >.> It's not my fault though, IT'S THE AUTHORS x)
      I must pump the Under the Never Sky series up my TBR pile! :) SO MANY BOOKS TO READ, LE SIGH o.O

      Thanks for stopping by, Siiri!!!


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