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Top Ten Tuesday: Ella's Favourite TV Shows

Hiiiiiii Wonderlings!  Apologies for the absence on the blog! :|  It's the school holidays (LAST WEEK, GAAAAAHH!  *sobs*) here in the Land of the Long White Cloud and I thought I would have lots of blog posting time...buuut turns out I don't.  But TODAY, is Top Ten Tuesday day!!  And I couldn't miss out on that, could I?!  Nope, noooooway.

I'm linking up with the bookish team over at The Broke and the Bookish for their utterly frabjous Top Ten Tuesday meme!


Sometimes, I don't read. I KNOW!  SHOCK!  HORROR!  But, y'know, sometimes a bookworm needs to take a break from reading just so they can recharge their reading juices (it sounds gross, I know, but that's how I think of it).  So, in typical couch potato fashion, when I'm not reading on the couch, if I'm not writing on the couch, talking on the couch, doing something arty near the couch, or messing around on the computer near the couch, then most likely, I'm watching something on the couch.  That's right!  My life pretty much evolves around the couch or my bed!

I'm definitely a TV Show, Girl not a Movie Girl.  I love nothing more then finding an  amazing series and binge-watching it with either my siblings or my parents. So without further ado, here is the list. 

The Comedy 

I love to laugh, and so comedy is quite possibly my favourite genre to watch!


Miranda, Miranda, MMMMMIIIIRRRAAAAANNNNDDDDAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is OFFICIALLY my FAVOURITE thing to watch.  I've watched it SO many times that my brother and I can recite WHOLE scenes and OMG, I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH, OKAYS.  Miranda is the go-to if I'm feeling down or grumpy as it always improves my mood.  I've watched each of her episodes more then 30 times, so it shows how frabjous it is.  I NEVER get tired of it, GAAAAAH!!  MIRANDA LOVE!!!!  I cannot wait till Season 4 comes out!!  Miranda Hart is officially my favourite actress and hero.  I most definitely have Miranda moments, and I just love how awkward she is.  Everything she says and does, I definitely agree with and I shamelessly stalk everything about her online (*waves*)!

This is my LIFE.

Black Adder


The first season is crap to be honest, second and third quite good, but, OH, BOY, the fourth season is pure GOLD.  Seriously, I was laughing so much while watching it!  Rowan Atkinson is such an AMMMAZING actor (although I've never seen him laugh) and his sarcasm is FRABJOUS. 


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  That is all I need to say, really!  Geraldine and Alice's friendship is so cute and funny even though Geraldine at times wants to kill Alice, and their joke scenes at the beginning of each episode have me in stitches.  GO WATCH IT.

The Historicals 

I looooooove historical dramas.  I'm a HUGE history nut and I just really enjoy watching and reading about historical things. Yes, the historical TV dramas are normally full of llama drama and it's all about airing each person's dirty laundry, but I just adore the clothes, the setting, the language...so that makes up for it. ;)

Downton Abbey 


My Mum I watched the whole first 2 seasons of Downton Abbey in one weekend!  We started it on a Saturday night, watched it till far to late and then watched it from early morning till mid afternoon Sunday. x)  I didn't enjoy Season 3 as much as the first 2, possibly because of *COUGH* main characters dying *COUGH*   I MEAN...THE ENDING, OMG.  DESTROY MY SOUL WHY DON'T YOU.  Season 4 was terrible and it really lowered my opinion of the whole series. Y'know, the thing that happened to Anna :(  It is one thing to get desperate to try and chug out more interesting content that will catch peoples attention, but good grief, you don't have to do something deeply disturbing and out of the blue as well as crass and disgusting to one of the main characters to do it, do you?  I think not.  Still be watching Season 5, although it's going to take heaps of awesomesauce stuff to raise my opinion of the series.

Call The Midwife


My historical heart adores Call the Midwife SO much!  Although Series 3 started to go down hill (WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE????) it still holds a special place in my heart. :)  Really looking forward to Season 4!

The Crime 



THIS is the crime shows of all crime shows, I'm telling you!! I adore EVERYTHING about this show and ship every character.  Lestrade is my favourite male character, although Mary is definitely my favourite female character.  Season 3 nearly killed me, and I'm impatiently waiting for Season 4!!  (Also, I just KNOW that John and Mary are going to have a girl and that they'll name her Charlotte.  Don't ask, I just know.  If I'm wrong, I'll eat my green beanie.)

Yes, yes, that's only six TV shows, but those are the ones I generally adore (not so much on the Downton Abbey front :|), and besides, I have to READ, don't I?!

Link me up to your TTT lists!!  Seen anything on mine that you love?!  I want to hear it!!


  1. I only just started watching Sherlock! I've got the last one in S2 and then...S3 and then...I get to suffer on hiatus with the rest of you?? Why are there so little of them? I thought they'd be solving ALL these mysteries but instead they're just like movies. I'm a teeny tiny bit disappointed. I'D HAVE PREFERRED MORE. But I laugh so much. I LOVE THEM. XD I also love Supernatural. It's the best thing of ever. My TTT!

    1. Hehe, *rubs hands together* WELCOME TO THE SHERLOCK FANDOM! THERE IS NO GOING BACK NOW! *evil laugh* Yes, THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE EPISODES IN EACH SERIES! 3 in each makes me want to die! I really must get round to watching Supernatural. The whole world seems to adore it! :D

  2. OMG MIRANDA YES I LOVE IT AND HER SO MUCH. WHEN IS SEASON 4 COMING OUT???? She is so hilarious and awkward - her book is also really funny (though not as good as the TV series, of course!). Sherlock is also amazing - you, my friend, have fantastic taste :)

    1. I KNOOOOOOWWSS. Season 4 is *supposed* to come out in 2015...BUT THAT'S SUCH A LONG TIME TO WAIT.

      Yes, her books are FUNNNNY!! The conversations between her and her younger self made me laugh so much! x)


  3. Haven't seen Miranda, but I adore Miranda Hart in "Call the Midwife" . . . Chummy is simply the BEST.

    1. Oh my gosh, if you think Chummy is amazing, YOU HAVE TO WATCH MIRANDA. YOUR LIFE IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL YOU DO.

  4. SHERLOCK! That is all!

    Just kidding. I haven't watched or heard of anything on your list besides that, but I WILL LOOK THEM UP!

  5. I love Call the Midwife! I wish I had a way to see Miranda. Maybe if I joined the 21st century and got Netflix? I am behind on Sherlock. I really should remedy that. Great list! ~Megan

    1. Call the Midwife is SUCH a great show, but omg, THE ENDING OF SERIES THREE???!!! DESTROY MY LIFE WHY DON'T YOU. I'm really unsure if Series 4 is going to be any good, or not but I'm still looking forward to it!! :)

  6. THE LAND OF THE LONG WHITE CLOUD? WHAT IS THIS MAGIC? I live on a cloud you see and it's getting a bit cramped of late I'm looking to move and this sounds perfect WHERE IS IT SITUATED IN THE SKY REGIONS?
    sometimes you don't read?
    but hey. I hear you. I'm always reading though because if i'm not in the mood for reading i'm re-reading all my favourite books. ^_^
    DOWNTON ABBEY. That is the only one I have ever seen *runs away* but I have an excuse, we don't have a TV, :P
    P.S THANKS YOU FOR THE FRABJOUS COMMENT it made my day and I have replied. :))

    1. I live in New Zealand, which is sometimes called The Land of the Long White Cloud, because, people think it looks cloud shaped...for some unknown reason x) But, lol, yes! I live in a *cloud* shaped country AS WELL as living on a brain cloud of my own XD COME AND VISIT US LITTLE PEOPLES SOMETIME.

      I hear you on the TV front! Our TV aerial has never worked, and no one in my family like what's on TV, so we get DVDs from the library instead :)

      YAY! YOU USED THE WORD FRABJOUS *gives thumbs up*

      Thanks for commenting!!!

  7. Oh gosh Ella, we do like a few of the same shows, don't we now?

    Miranda- definitely! That is perhaps my favourite show, or at least one of my favourites (I don't really count period dramas up in general TV shows, according to my brain) and I actually didn't realise she was planning on doing a fourth season at ALL, so after I looked it up this is surprising news that it might be happening. Still, I am in frustrations over Gary because I dislike him a lot after that last season. He really annoys me.

    Black Adder is so great, though I love all the seasons (the first has some really great moments, I think, though it's not quite as full on funny as some of the other ones). I believe there were some quite wonderful Red Nose Day specials the team did, too, and the christmas special a couple of years (10...?) later was pretty fantastic.

    I stopped watching Downton Abbey after the third season christmas special, and all in all I think this was a good choice. I wasn't going to be seeing my two favourite characters any more and it just didn't feel like something I wanted to go back to.

    Wonderful list (Call the Midwife! AH!)- I recommend some more of my favourites for your televisional comsumption: Kingdom (Stephen Fry), Jeeves and Wooster (Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie), Veronica Mars, Black Books (hilarious). Have you watched any?


      MIRAAAAAANDA!! X) Ahh, I love that lady SO MUCH!! It's so nice to find another fan!! XD And, OMG YES I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAY ABOUT GARY. Annoying overload! (I like Mike but he’s deffopants [see what I did there?! ;)] not right for Miranda)


      Black Adder is really funny x) I'll look up the red nose day specials (red nose day is BRILLIANT), hey, did you know that Miranda's done quite a few red nose day challenges??!! They're really good! Check them out! :D

      I MIGHT watch Downton Abby Season 5...BUT it better be improved from Season 4 :/ (Also: that love triangle made me want to punch the computer screen. SO FRUSTRATING.) Was Sybil one of your favourite characters??!! COS I MISS HER SO MUCH DX *weeps* *bawls*

      Call the Midwife is excellent ;) Though what they did in Series 4 pretty much ripped my feels out and ran them over with a weight the size of a country :/ Have you seen Series 4???!!!

      I'M LOOKING THEM UP! I'M LOOKING THEM UP! Your tastes are surpreme, so I'm sure I'll enjoy them ;D
      I HAVE watched Black Books (which my best friend ADORES) and I really liked it!  I NEED TO GET ROUND TO WATCHING VERONICA MARS. I’ve heard so much of it, and as I’m a HUGE mystery/thriller junkie (also: TEENAGE SLUETHING. MY LIFE AMBITION. Don’t laugh >:{) Is it any good?? There’s heaps of episodes, isn’t there?

      Sorry for getting back to your comment so late, Romi! :/ And thanks for leaving such a frabjous comment! :D I love your comments! ;)

    2. I really liked, apart from the fact he didn't really like being told "no", Danny, from the Danny and Sandy episode at the beginning of season 2 or 3. I thought he was excellent with her.

      Yes, I loved the Miranda Hart rednose day things, like the (I believe it was for red nose day) tennis one... so funny!

      Sybil WAS my favourite! I loved her so much.

      Season 4- yup. I wasn't too bothered, because I'd found a couple of things to be a bit irritating that I doubt will follow through to the next season now, but *that* episode was very sad. I do love the addition of Patsy now, though! She's wonderful!

      Veronica Mars is pretty fantastic- I just rewatched the first season recently and it took me a while longer than I expected to get back into it, despite how much I love it, but after a few episodes it completely caught me up again. There's a little relationship drama, mostly in the 2nd and 3rd seasons, but overall it's teriffic. I wouldn't honestly recommend you follow it through to the last (3rd) season, though, because that was a real disappointment. The first two and then the movie! (:
      I hope you like them and my taste is reliable! Now I'll worry that they won't be your sort of thing (though I'm sure you'll enjoy them lots, really!).

      Not a problem- I assumed you were away when I left it still, so I was just checking back now and again!


  8. Oh, yes I forgot about Danny! He was awesome apart from the 'not taking no for an answer' thing! And his accent. I didn't like his American accent. But otherwise he was great!

    Patsy...Patsy...who was Patsy again? Urgh, there's just so many characters in that show I can't keep track of them gaah x/

    Ok, I'll make a note on the Veronica Mars thing! :) Thanks for telling me!


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