Tuesday, 17 June 2014

What Happened Last Week: Bad Books, TFIOS Movie + Sounding Like a Frog

Once upon a time a girl forgot about blogging as she became swamped with schoolwork.  Just as she thought she'd escaped from it's clinging tentacles, she came down with a bad cold and proceeded to go about life, sounding like a frog and blowing what felt like all the fluid from her body out her nose.  As well as fighting a depressing reading slump and discovering the fantastic TV series, Not Going Out, she kind of forgot about the blogosphere.  


Coming back to first person and slightly more normal levels, that short third person piece basically summed up my life last week.  However the one bright spot was that...

...I went to TFIOS Movie on Sunday!

Now, remember that I strongly disliked TFIOS book (please don't kill me!) so I was REALLY excited to see if I'd hate the movie or love it.  I went with my best friend and WE HAD A BALL.  Not really unsurprisingly I didn't like the movie, but I liked a couple of scenes so it wasn't as terrible as I expected it to be (it was still terrible...but on a slightly lower level).  I spent most of the movie poking fun at it, and laughing hysterically at the sad scenes.  Yep, that's right.  While everyone else was sobbing into their many tissues, I was almost on the floor I was laughing so hard.  A lot of the movie went like this:

Sad Scene (One of MANY) Comes On:

Me: *starts shaking with laughter* *whispers* "THIS IS PATHETIC."

Best Friend: *through gritted teeth* "SHUT UP."

Me: *starts shaking-laughing more* I can't help it!  It's so NOT SAD."

Best Friend: *hisses* I told you.  SHUT UP.  STOP LAUGHING. PEOPLE ARE LOOKING AT US."

Audience: *room fills with with such loud sobs and sniffles you can hardly hear the movie*

Me: *cracks up again*

Best Friend: *pretends she doesn't know this crazy person sitting beside*

Girl on my right turns and stares at me like I'm having some sort of seizure. (I probably was.)

This is basically how the whole movie went.  I'm writing a review of it which *should* be up some time this week, which *should* contain more funny conversations and *should* contain some crazy gifs ;)

On the reading perspective...

I haven't read much this week.  I've been in a bit of a reading slump lately, but hopefully I'll get out of it soon.  I think I need some sort of electric shock of a book kind of read to get me out of it.  Doesn't help that the last 2 books I've read are one star and less books.


Both these books were CRAP.  At the end of both, I couldn't help thinking of how I'd WASTED some of my precious life span on them.  JUST URRGHHHHH. 

Newest Happenings

I got a lot of ebook ARCs to review from Netgalley last week, so I'm slowly working my way through those...otherwise I haven't been to the library ALL WEEK, so I think that problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible.  In other news, I'm figuring what books to take away with me on a holiday we going to in July.  Being the very careful tight money person I am, this means searching amazon for free kindle books that look decent, and trying to make up my mind if I should spend $4.65 on just 1 ebook I've got my eye on :P  Decisions, decisions... ;P

Things should be back to more regular blogging in the next few days, so bear with me, lovely people!  It's kind of hard to write reviews when your brain feels like it's made of sludge (it probably is at the moment). 

Well, that's all from me!  Anyone else been to TFIOS movie?  Anyone laugh their socks of during the sad scenes??  No?  Oh well, I had to ask. :P Anyone else suffering from colds and/or book slumps???  Any books you could recommend me would be hugely appreciated!!


  1. Lol @ the first paragraph :D (OH MY GOD YES THANK YOU THERE IS ONE MORE PERSON WHO THOROUGHLY DISLIKED TFIOS AS A BOOK? THANK THE UNICORNS SERIOUSLY!!! I read it a few weeks ago and ugh, hated it unfortunately :() I don't think I'm going to see the movie. I don't like Shaileene that much and the book? Nope, not my thing. Haha. I laughed during Marley and Me when everyone else was crying, but it was a self defence because it was so sad that I couldn't see the screen through my tears so I started laughing over the whole theatre. Yep, my fantastic embarrassing moment #999. I'm glad you had fun though :) Sorry you didn't enjoy Shirvington's book. Most of my friends really like her stuff. Yay for ARCs :) Heh, just ask people with same taste in books as you about the $4.65 book :) Then you'll know for sure whether to get it or not. And yessss! Suffering a book clump, but it helps to re-read old favorites :) Great post, Ella!

    1. YAY!! THERE IS ACTUALLY ANOTHER PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE THAT DIDN'T LIKE TFIOS!! Phew, I was beginning to think I was the only one out there!!! Good to know I've been proved wrong :D
      Ack, I have many, MANY embarrassing moments but thankfully TFIOS-movie-laughing-episode wasn't one of them ;) IT WAS TO FUNNY.
      The book is The Iron King and I've read it before and adored it, but it's one of those books where you don't know if you should buy it or not. Plus I have a big number of books (don't ask) I'm taking already on holiday so I don't DESPERATELY need to have it. Or so I keep telling myself ;)
      Thanks for commenting, Siiri!

  2. Ella Enchanted (which I was speaking to you about a few hours ago) got me out of my reading slump, so if yours is nasty and won't go away, I'd say give it a try. It's excellent, I think, either way, so hopefully it will be fun.

    I'm looking forward to your TFiOS review! It does sound like you had a good time, even if you didn't like the movie! You still got enjoyment from it, right? ( :

    Hope you're feeling better... NOW! xx

    1. I've just checked and my library has it so I've put a hold on it, yay!! I'm pretty sure I've read some of her other books too :) Didn't it win the Newberry Medal or something?! Maybe I'm thinking about something else. Whatever, you always recommend frabjous books so I'm pretty sure I'll love this one! :)

      Even though I didn't like TFIOS movie some of it was hysterically funny over how cheesily stupid it was (to me that is). XD I'm glad I went, though, even if I did just poke fun at it the whole time x)

      I actually AM feeling better now! You magic or something?! :D

    2. It did win the Newberry!

      You found me out- my secret is now in the ether. I am totally magic.

    3. I KNEW IT. ;D Don't worry, I'll keep your secret safe...maybe ;)

  3. Ah, I agree with you about Take Back the Skies. -_- I could feel my intelligence dropping as I read that...gah. I'm surprised you didn't like Between Lives! I've heard Jessica Shirvington is amazing...although I haven't personally read anything by her yet. ;) I'd like to try Disruption.

    1. I got Disruption out from the library a couple of months ago, buuuut, never started it. I should probably get it out of the library again as it's had lots of positive reviews :)

      Ack, ack, ACK. Take Back the Skies was BAAAD. It was such a pity as it was by a teen author and had such good premise, but unfortunately...failed. |:<

  4. I've always felt pretty noncommittal about TFIOS. I'm a big fan of John Green as a person, and I like his writing style. But I wasn't all that impressed by the book. :-/

    I am curious about the movie though, because I've heard that it sticks closely to the book, and John Green seems to be pretty involved and excited about it. Which is cool to see with a book adaptation!

    1. Oh, whoop, another person that isn't keen on TFIOS! :D Today's my lucky day!!
      I guess the movie kind of stuck to the book, I suppose. There were quite a few parts that went from quoting directly from the novel to some hashed together stupid conversation which made me wince more then once. :|

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. I also reviewed Take Back The Skies. I gave it two stars but still, not a fan. At all.

    1. I wasn't as nice as you ;) I gave it 1 star and am actually considering giving it less after that TERRIBLE ending. |:< And I am NO WAY a fan. Unless you count the cover, because I am a fan of the cover. ;D

  6. When I finished TFIOS, I was so angry. I cried, but the anger quickly took over. Stupid me didn't learn though and tried to move onto other John Green books so I could find that sense of closure. Why can't the man write a complete and happy ending?

    Reading slumps are making the rounds at the moment. I'd say try These Broken Stars or The Winner's Curse if you haven't read them already. Both awesomely brilliant books.

    Tried to follow via GFC, but your gadget doesn't seem to be working for me, so following via Bloglovin' instead :)

    1. When I finished TFIOS I just felt cheated and annoyed more then anything else :( If the ending had been tied up more neatly instead of finishing on such a weird bam (I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person that checked the back of the book for more pages and then when realization dawned...I threw the book across the room and was like, "WHAAAAAAT!!!").

      I've actually read both These Broken Stars and The Winner's Curse (I am just SO amazing, y'know ;))! I found These Broken Stars to be annoying, though I know the rest of the book world pretty much adored it. While I thought The Winner's Curse was a decent read, I didn't really click with it and a few things I hated, so I ended up giving it 3 stars instead :) I pretty much agree with Cait on her review of it :)

      Oh thanks Kelly!! Stink, I wonder why it isn't working properly?! :( I'll have a lookey. Thanks for following me on Bloglovin'!!

  7. Shame you didn't like the movie but lol your reaction is hilarious!

    I did enjoy Between the Lives quite a lot, but I totally see why you didn't like it.

    Lovely recap! <33

  8. It WAS pretty funny :D
    Yeah, I seem to be the only one that didn't like Between the Lives. I think the blurb threw me off as I was expecting something totally different. :/

    Thanks Mel!


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