Monday, 30 June 2014

The Fairy Recaps: June

Annnnnnd, I'm back! *bows*

My break was mostly filled with schoolwork (and I'm still doing some now, blargghhh :/) but the veterinarian course that I was taking online is now done and dusted, and I'm now eagerly awaiting my results! :D  Eeep, I really hope they're good! >.<
Otherwise, life wise, I fought very viciously against my evil reading slump. :|  I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED.
Unfortunately, I won't be posting as much as I want to this week, due to getting ready to finish the term (holidays next week, YAY, YAY, YAY!! :D) and my family and I, are also going over OVERSEAS (cue excitement!) the first week of term for a holiday (BRING ON THE SUN is all I have to say ;)) so I'm going to have to start packing and getting ready for that! :D  EXCITEMENT, EXCITEMENT, EXCITEMENT!!

ANYWAYS, today being the last day of June, and me having no ideas on what to post, I've decided to do a recap of June seeing as I didn't do one in May.  Sooo, without further ado, off we go!  Hold on to your socks, Wonderlings! ;)

~The Fairy Recaps~

June has been a kinda confusing month in the world of books. I'm still battling my evil reading slump and I read SOOOO many 1-star books and even two 0-star books (yep, I give them out) that it was DEPRESSING, but I DID read a couple of beauties as well, like Every Word (cue fangirling!  SO CUTEEEE!!  Easily surpassed my expectations!) and at the moment, I'm currently DEVOURING Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe and gosh, peoples!  This book is AAAAMMAZINGGG!!  Totally going to be a 6-star book, I JUST KNOW IT. 

I got teary over a book!! No actual tears but my eyeballs definitely started to water slightly!!  (Emphasis on 'slightly'.)  The book was Me Since You, and man, oh, MAN,  SUCH A CUTE BOOK.  I reeeally didn't think I'd like it because it's about GRIEF and pretty much everyone knows by now that my heart is made of stone.  No longer it seems as I really loved it, and felt the grief was really REAL.  Also: ELI.  That is all I have to say. ;)

I read 22 books in June, which I am NOT pleased about. :|  I know I was doing schoolwork and life was busy and I had my reading slump, buuuuut, I'm still cross at myself and feel like those are just excuses. *frowns*  I normally read AT LEAST 30+ books a month, so, June was pretty crappy in that regard. :|  I'm going to read HEAPS of book in July though!! :D  I have a BIIIIIG list! :D

After getting badgered almost to death, by my BF who decided that my life wasn't complete without reading Clockwork Angel, and made it her personal mission to make me read it.  I did, but only on the condition that SHE read Throne Of Glass (because, OF COURSE, her life isn't complete without Cealena in it  I DID try this earlier this year but couldn't get past the terrible beginning and after reading City Of Bones I swore I'd never read anything by Cassandra Clare again.  It s my BF's fault that I broke that oath not mine.  Surprisingly, I liked it waaay more this time, and I'm considering reading the sequel (again, emphasis on 'considering' ;)), though, FOR THE LOVE OF LOLLYPOPS, SOMEONE PUT A BULLET IN WILL'S BRAIN FOR ME, PLEASEEE?!  Geez, talk about ANNOYING overload!  Needed a good squirt of Pesty Character Bug Spray in my opinion! 

~Outside the Books~

This month, I went to A Midsummer Night's Dream play with a bunch of other teenagers, and WOWZERS.  SO GOOD.  I was really surprised as I was kind of expecting to be average, buuut, I was proved wrong and I'm so glad I was! :D  Plus, we got to see behind the scenes AND THE DRESSING ROOMS ACTUALLY HAD LIGHT BULBS ROUND THE MIRRORS!!!  Most frabjous thing to see EVEERR!! x)  So I loved seeing that, although sitting in a tiny seat for almost 3 hours without being able to walk around (also without FOOD.  I was almost DYING when we had a break about 2 hours in) was painful to say the least.  Being quite a tall person (5"10 at last measure up) my legs seemed to be around my ears most of the time!  But the play was fantastic so it was worth it!

I went to TFIOS movie with my BF and laughed hysterically during all the sad scenes.  My BF saved me from being savagely murdered by frenzied fangirls and I used heaps of The Young Ones GIFS to show you how I felt about it.  MOVIE REVIEW HERE.

I did  a six hour basic Chemistry course at my local University.  It was really fun and interesting and it was BEYOND fabulous to put on a REAL LAB COAT and go into A REAL LAB and use REAL LAB EQUIPMENT.  I'm still really proud of it as you can see. ;)  I didn't blow anything up, which I was really freaked out I would, because knowing me, and knowing my luck, I could just see it happening.  (Shows what brilliant self esteem I have, lol. :P)  While I didn't blow anything up, my lab partner and I accidentally ruined a jar full of peroxide. *cringes*  We just kind of accidentally put water in it by mistake and theeeen, well the rest is history. >.<

That's my month in a nut shell (blog post sized XD)!!  How was YOUR month?!  Highlights?!  Downfalls?!  Anyone else in a reading slump?!  Anyone else had disastrous science experiences?!  I'm thinking that's a no...


  1. You read 30+ books a month??? WHEN DO YOU FIND TIME TO EAT AND SLEEP AND THINGS? I've read 15 books, I think, and I was feeling quite happy with myself. x) lol But good on you. You must be very smart. ;)

    1. I KNOW. I AM AMAZING. AT LAST THE WORLD HAS RECOGNIZED MY GENIUS. BOW DOWN MINION. I really like this world domination lark! I think I might come and join your ranks...I could be your ummm...ahh...oh, a GENERAL. Yes, I would be an absolutely AMAZING not to mention utterly frabjous General...MAKE WAY MINIONS. Hehe, SUCH FUN.

      Don't worry, I eat. I EAT ALOT. Food is good. Food with chocolate substance is even better. I also sleep. Yeah, I sleep alot. I think my genius is, in fact, just a talent for being able to read books really fast. *shrugs casually* But I am ABSOLUTELY FINE with pretending it's a super power and that I am a genius. Yes, lets keep it like that. ;)

  2. A reading slump??? You call THIS a reading slump????

    I think I just died from disbelief.

    I read 22 books on a good month so I think you're actually doing pretty good. ;) I mean, oh my gosh.

    I've been in a reading slump too >.< It stinks but I think I've gotten out of it! *sigh of relief* I was starting to get worried.

    I've been playing an online role-playing game RELIGIOUSLY this past week. At first, I was all scared at everything and freaking out and GETTING NOTHING DONE. But now I think I'm getting better and I have awesome purplish tinted goggles ( character does). So. I'm satisfied :D

    Veterinarian course? Chemistry? WHAT ARE YOU YOU GENIUS. But I'm glad you didn't blow anything up....that would have been...uncomfortable. And I just remembered that I narrowly escaped a fantastically hot walk outside around noonish the other day. My family is filled with insane people who actually like to take long walks. For fun. I will never understand.

    OH, have a great vacation!!

    1. Lol, all those question marks made me laugh! :D But yeah, I know, I READ ALOT. Even scares ME sometimes ;)

      Oh Noos, not you in a reading slump too????!!!! *howls* IT'S EVVVERYWHERE!!! :(

      Purplish goggles??!!!!! Wonderling, that is AWESOME!

      Me, a genius???!! NO! You found me out! My world domination plans will have to be brought forward!! SURRENDER YOUR CHOCOLATE.

      I hate anything that involves exercise, e.g. walking the dog, walking, RUNNING *hides under bed*... doesn't really help either that I CAN'T RUN. All my limbs start waving around awkwardly and I just look like a pointy octopus having a stroke. STOP LAUGHING. IT'S NOT FUNNY.

  3. I love Ari and Dante! The character development is so amazing. And dat cover :P don't like Will?! You might change your mind if you read on in that series. Couple of secrets to do with him...

    1. THE DIALOGUE. Omg, I just ADORED the dialogue!!

      *cringes* Just seen that your blogger profile pic has The Infernal Devices series in probably want to kill me after what I said about Will, yes?!
      Oh, well. Sure someone else will do it for me willingly (did you see what I did there?!)... ;)

      Oh, yes, I know about the secrets! :D My best friend gave me a full report of what happens and why, so I'm pretty much filled in! :D

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. READING SLUMPS ARE THE WORST! Suffering from the longest and worst reading slump I have ever had. I really hope we can both power through them.

    Have fun on your holiday, I hope you love it!

    22 books in one month? How is that even possible? I could manage that if I didn't go to work, didn't eat, sleep, shower or socialise with other human beings... haha!

    I really want to read Aristotle and Dante, so I am really happy you are loving that one.

    1. I finally managed to kill my reading slump!! Don't Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout seemed t knock it on the head, so maybe try that? Aristotle and Dante (not even going to TRY typing the rest of the title, lol! x)) also really helped. I think you'd enjoy Aristotle and Dante more :)

      I have alot of spare time. which is why I read so many books. I'm also a very fast reader (MY SUPERPOWER, *evil laugh*) so that's also helps. :) Give me a book and a couple of hours and, WHOOOMP. GONE. *tosses cape over shoulder*

      But, y'know, you can carry on thinking I'm amazing ;) Fine by me XD

  5. I hope you'll do good in school :) Oh, where are you going? A holiday sounds wonderful! :) Haha! Glad to hear you're enjoying Aristotle :) TID series has a massive love triangle, but I hope you'll enjoy the sequel if you decide to give it a go :) Whoop for seeing the play :) Sorry for the bad sitting conditions :D labs are awesome :) I spend half my uni time in labs and they're great! I'm glad you enjoyed ;) and good for not blowing anything up lol!

    1. Thanks Siiri! All I say is that we're going somewhere WARM ;) *cheers* I'm going to talk about it in a week or two, so stay tuned!
      Labs ARE awesome! And I am SO glad I didn't blow anything up! ;) *breathes sigh of relief*
      I don't know if I'll continue with TID :| So many books, so little time... :/

      Thanks for commenting!! :D

  6. Aristotle and Dante! I hope you post a review of that, Ella! I'd love to read your thoughts, especially since it sounds like you've been loving it so much.

    Also, if I got through 22 books in a month I would be thrilled- beyond thrilled, actually. That's a LOT.

  7. EEEEKS, I KNOW. Frabjous overload, much?! I dunno if my thoughts are coherent enough, but maybe...we'll see :)

    I kind of forget that I read a lot more then the usual bookworm, mainly because I read very fast and I have lots of free time in which to read :) I'm very lucky :) Thanks for reminding me, Romi! :D


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