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Review: Starling by Fiona Paul (More of a series review)

Starling was the final book in The Secrets of the Eternal Rose trilogy.  (Phew!  What a mouthful!)  I have had many problems with this series, but thankfully, STARLING was a satisfying conclusion after the turmoil of VENOM and the pain of BELLADONNA.


Publisher: Philomel || Release Date: 20th March 2014 || Genre: Historical, Paranormal, Romance || Series: Secrets of the Eternal Rose #3 || Source: The Library || Pages: 326 || Read It In: 3 hours
|| Word Rating: Satisfying

The dark, seductive conclusion to the thrilling Secrets of the Eternal Rose trilogy!

In the final book in the trilogy, Cass and Luca are back in Venice trying to find the Book of the Eternal Rose to clear Luca's name and keep them both out of prison. But the hunters become the hunted when the Order of the Eternal Rose figures out their plan. Filled with twists and turns, danger and torrid romances, this novel brings the Secrets of the Eternal Rose novels to a thrilling, heart-pounding, conclusion.  ~Blurb from Goodreads~

~My Review~

NOTE:  This will be almost a series overview but there should be no spoilers for those who haven't read the series.

I have had so trouble with this series.  I think the main problem of my problems (yes, confusing) is the main character Cass.  To me, characters are the most important things in a book.  If you can relate to them, or enjoy them, then you're much more likely to enjoy the rest of the story.  And who is normally the most important character in a book?  Yes that's right!  The main character.  If you don't like the main character, then there is practically NO chance of you enjoying the rest of the book.  Let me introduce you to Cassandra (Cass) the main character in The Secrets of the Eternal Rose trilogy.  Cass is SO naive it seems unreal.  Practically the WHOLE time I was reading the series, all I was doing was wondering if Cass ACTUALLY had a brain.  She is SO thoughtless and just rushes into things heedless of the obvious bad consequences.  *headdesks*

After finishing the trilogy, I believe that Paul wanted to make a journey out of Cass growing less naive and into a stronger person, BUT DID IT HAVE TO TAKE 3 BOOKS AND 1113 PAGES LATER TO GET TO THAT POINT???  *headdesks*  It took to the THIRD book for me to like Cass consistently, without fantasizing about possible ways to drill a hole in her skull to see f there was actually a brain in there.

Next, on my list of problem problems list, is the AWFUL love triangle.  The love triangle goes on throughout the whole series.  Will Cass choose Falco?  Will Cass choose Luca?  and back again.  Again, Cass's stupidity comes in again the way she just can't make up her mind which is the right guy for her.  *headdesks* 

In STARLING, Cass saves Luca from a not very nice place (I am trying REALLY hard not to let out spoilers, guys)and they are now on the run.  Now that Falco is out of the limelight (due to something that happened near the end of BELLADONNA), Luca steps in.  What I really hated about the love triangle (among other things...)WAS THAT IT WASN'T EVEN FAIR.  It was Falco this, Falco that...true Luca resembled a human zombie but that wasn't his fault...much.  Thankfully in STARLING, Luca actually showed human emotion - gasp!

What I really enjoyed about STARLING is that it didn't go on.  There was no dithering like there was in VENOM and BELLADONNA which made me like the book even more.  There is nothing I like more than CRISP writing.  I am a girl that prefers the hard facts, and while STARLING didn't all deliver, it had enough to satisfy my picky bookworm heart. 

The ending of STARLING was PERFECT.  I was terrified about who Cass would choose in the love triangle but I'm glad she made the right decision and recognised that the other person wasn't right for her.  Cass acted like an adult and I was proud of her.  

I realize that this isn't really a review but more of a messy jumble of my thoughts but I hoped you enjoyed it and it made sense. :)

4 stars out of 5 

 In the end, STARLING was a satisfying conclusion to a trilogy that I had a like/loathe relationship with.  Cass finally grew up (only took three VERY LONG BOOKS) and started making adult decisions.  Saying goodbye to this series was bitersweet but I am kinda thankful it's over.  I don't think my brain could've taken any more annoying-cass moments. 


  1. I loved your review of Cruel Beauty! New follower :)

    Also, I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award here:

    Hope you can answer questions!!

  2. Oh, thanks Skylar! I had a lot of fun writing it ;)

    Thanks for nominating me for the award!

  3. Hmm... whilst I am really glad you ended up enjoying the series, and Cass ended up developing as a character and person, I really don't think this is a series I would consider reading. It sounds more like I would be very frustrated than anything else, so I think I'll pass it up.

    1. I think you just need a good dollap of patience while reading this series (which I didn't have ;)).

  4. I don't mind love triangles but this one sounds pretty frustrating. The series doesn't seem too bad though, and I've always been curious about the books.

    1. I don't think I'd mind love triangles that much, but I feel like they're just SO over used these days, and they're in practically every book I read. :(

      Thanks for commenting!


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