Monday, 26 May 2014

Frabjous plans for the future

Hello lovely people!  I know I haven't posted much last week, but I was unwell and then busy...and well sometimes life is to crammed full of stuff to try and slip blogging in as well.  However!  Although I haven't been posting, I HAVE been thinking about where I want Once Upon a Bookish Time to go.  I'm going to start posting discussions as well as book reviews, so that is going to be fun.  I also want to make my book reviews a little different, and my frabjous mother gave me a brilliant idea.  (Mothers are great like that.)  However, I'm not going to tell you this idea until I'm sure it's going to work, but give me a couple of days and I should be able to show you!  I am very excited!

Tomorrow, I'm joining up with Notebook Sisters Alice in Wonderland Tag, so that's going to be fuuuuuuuun!


  1. Eeeeh! Can't wait to read your post tomorrow. ;) But so sad you're not well. :( THAT SUCKS. TELL UNWELLNESS TO GO AWAY.
    Also tantalising us with this secret is not very fair. No. Spill. Now. (Please.)

    1. IT'S UP! Hurrah!! Had SO much fun writing it!!
      OK, here's a clue: it involves something ending in 's'. ;) See if you can work it out... XD


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